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Chronic Illness And Laughter, Real Benefits To Laughing

When it comes down to it, feelings of sadness or happiness, anger or joy and in fact any other feelings we experience are rooted in biology.

The power of laughter to heal shouldn’t ever be underestimated

can laughing improve your healthThe more we look into it the more we realise just how healing it is.And the more we realize just how intricately laughter is related to the whole mystery of human body functioning.

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If you have ever heard of the book ‘Molecules Of Emotion’ by Candace Pert you may know about the close correlation that has been discovered in recent research in biochemistry between the molecules in our body and emotional feelings. Indeed it has led to the discovery of actual ‘molecules of emotion’ which respond as much to our feelings as the previously researched and identified factors of chemical stimulants and inhibitors and their electro-magnetic channeling.

Another famous book, ‘The Biology Of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton is saying basically the same thing. The whole ‘mind, body, spirit’ thing can no longer be viewed as being composed of independently separate elements. Everything is intimately connected in a whole field of energy, vibration, movement and flow and each part has an effect on the other.

clown therapyThe Benefits of Laughter

What is really interesting is the knowledge that our mood can affect our immune system. This is good news for those suffering from chronic illness because it essentially puts the power back into their hands instead of remaining victim to dismal diagnosis and reliance on synthetic drugs that may do more harm than good.

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It is now known that laughter has a significant effect on boosting the immune system, even when the laughter isn’t genuine! You can fake laughter. Just the simple pulling of the face muscles to create a smile acts as a body trigger to stimulate the increased production of endorphins, the feel good’ hormones in our bodies and the result is that we actually, and amazingly perhaps, feel better almost instantaneously!

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Not only that but our inherent ability to fight illness and disease is enhanced at the same time. So it truly is an effective medicine, not only for the ‘soul’ but also for the body. In fact the now famous experiment by Norman Cousins who chose laughter as a way of dealing with his very painful condition of ankylosing spondylitis, a degenerative auto-immune disease of the connective tissue, is good proof of this approach. He discovered that a mere 15 minutes of laughter had the effect of providing him with close to 2 hours of pain relief.

He wrote about in his book, “Anatomy of an Illness: As Perceived by the Patient.” This ‘laughter effect’ has since been confirmd by further research on the healing power of laughter. It is now recognised by many to be a significant therapeutic tool for improvement both physically and emotionally.

Cheerful laughter exercises for a happy healthy life

laughter how it relates to dealing with stressIn fact it is often used in hospitals to reduce pre-operative stress in children, for example with specially trained clowns, and has been found to also aid the recovery process. Some of the health benefits of laughter include relaxation of tight muscles, an increase in alertness, reduction in physical pain and a decrease in emotional stress.

It acts to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve circulation and triggers the release of endorphins that make us feel good and view life in a more optimistic frame. Those suffering from chronic illness can gain an enhanced outlook on life and this can help to sped their recovery. If you suffer from heart problems, or have already had a heart attack, laughter has been shown to reduce the chances of a reoccurence by almost 35% compared to without.

So instead of laughing less and less as you grow older, along with an increase in various stresses and disease, perhaps you should think about re-igniting that childhood spark and laugh your way back to hearty health again once more.

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Laughter brings with it so many positive effects that work on all levels, physical, emotional and mental . It is also fun, expressive, and an enjoyable means to release tension. Learn to laugh in the present moment and you’ll find true, spontaneous joy.

The positive side effects are joy and laughter: both are highly contagious. Laughter releases endorphins which help to relieve pain in the body and also brings feelings of euphoria.

Researchers have discovered that there are many positive effects from laughter, whereas there are no known negative effects. Laughter really is the best medicine. simply thinking about something funny can start the hormones flowing, to give the body has a positive healthy boost.

‘Fake It Until You Make It': Research has shown that the positive effects of smiling take place whether the smile is fake or real. Fake laughter also provides the same benefits as the genuine kind. So smile more, and fake laughter even when you may not feel like laughing

When we laugh our bodies release a cocktail of hormones and chemicals that have amazing positive effects on our system. Stress is relieved, blood pressure goes down, depression is lifted, the immune system is given a boost and you feel much more relaxed as a result.

Now that you understand the positive effects that laughung and smiling can have, why don’t you raise your laughter level by doing things like watching hilarious movies and comedy programs on TV

It’s been medically proven that laughter works as a very effective painkiller. it can also help prevent heart disease and lowers stress hormone levels. 

Have you found something to laugh at today?

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